TTLab - Experimental Testing

TTLab - Experimental Testing

Analysis types:

  • Standard testing of Metallic materials (Tensile tests, Rockwell, Fracture toughness, R-Curve, S-N Curve, Paris law, Residual stresses, Mass spectrometry, Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres (e.g. salt spray), Intergranular corrosion, Electrical and thermal conductivity, …) - US»,
  • Standard testing of Composite materials (Tensile, compression, interlaminar shear, Double Cantilever Beam, 3-point bending, 4-point bending, interlaminar fracture toughness, mechanical joints in composite panels. Resin contents, viscosity, Density, thermal expansion,…) - US»FIDAMC», FEUP»
  • Standard testing of Adhesive joints (Drum peel, Single-lap shear, Double-lap shear. Tensile strength composite sandwhich, foam tube shear,…) - US»
  • Microscopical analysis of polymers and composite materials - FIDAMC»
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis - FIDAMC»
  • Thermogravimetric analysis - FIDAMC»
  • Thermomechanical analysis - FIDAMC»
  • Dimensional analysis - FIDAMC»
  • Testing singular structural elements in aeronautical industry, including full-scale structures - US»FIDAMC»

Main equipment:

  • An international laboratory network counting with:
    • Dynamic and static tensile testing machines (5-500 kN), Instron 60TM-30 (30kN, 100Nm) Tension/Torsion, Compression/Torsion Machine – TAU», US»
    • Digital Image Correlation Systems CSI - TAU», US»ETH»FEUP»
    • Very-high-speed camera system (up to 1 million FPS) - US»
    • Computed Tomography (voxel down to 0.5 µm) - US»ETH»
    • Jigs for tensile/shear/3PB/Composite buckling experiments - TAU»
    • Temperature chambers for the tensile testing machines (-70ºC a 350º) - FIDAMC», US»
    • Environmental chambers, humidity, salt spray, temperature - FIDAMC», US»
    • 80C freezer by Sanyo – TAU»
    • Equipment for the whole process of fabricating composite structures using standard procedures in aeronautical and space industries (Clean room for aerospace-grade composites, Autoclave, Hot-press plate,…) – FIDAMC», US»
    • Ultrasound testing - US»
    • Electronic microscope - US»
    • Composite 3D printer - US»

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Funded by the European Commission under a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. Grant Agreement n° 861061