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BOTTERO Glas Technologies. Partner Organizations. NewFrac Network

Bottero Glass Technologies» is a worldwide leading company in the glass industry.

It offers a complete range of solutions in the field of automatic machines for glass processing, able to meet all requirements, from standard products for medium-small companies up to designing and construction of entire production lines for large international industrial groups.

The concrete and reliable nature of the company has generated with time a mixture of competitive peculiarities in technological innovation, in product performance and in the integration of new products and solutions. In the last few years, Bottero Glass Technologies has progressively increased investments intended for Research and Development, proposing new solutions capable of improving the performance, efficiency and usability of its product.

In this constant strive for innovation, Bottero continues to dedicate particular attention to the high level of reliability which distinguishes its solutions.

Cubicoff Ingeniería abierta. Partner Organizations. NewFrac Network

Cubicoff Ingeniería abierta» is a engineering company focused on the customized resolution of problems in the industry, investigating their processes, analysing the situation and, at the hands of high-level professionals, finding the key to solve technical needs.

Focused on Strategic Sectors such as Mining (Mining Services and Transformation Processes), Power Generation (CSP, Combined Cycle, PSFV, Biomass), Valorisation Recycling (plastic, paper, cardboard), Water (Desalination Plants), Construction Management or Agroindustry Sector.

Practical Innovation for Industry (Resolutive Engineering), backed by a wide network of specialists who are experts in providing solutions in the wide diversity of areas that can occur in Engineering

SAFRAN. Partner Organizations. NewFrac Network

Safran» is an international high technology group operating in the aircraft propulsion and equipment, space and defense markets.

Safran Composites is a platform of Safran Tech, the Safran's Research & Technology Center, employing around 100 specialists in composite materials and organic chemistry and equipped for developing next generation of organic matrix composites.

The technological focus is on composites parts, design innovation, material innovation (textiles and polymers), and production process.

The goal of Safran Composites is to maintain and improve the lead of Safran Group in the field of composites parts for the aerospace. Safran Composites drives the innovation from TRL1 to 6 and then support the companies of the Safran group using these new technologies.

The Modelling and Simulation department of Safran Tech employs around 50 specialists in numerical modelling and simulation (solid mechanics, fluid dynamics), system architecture, and applied mathematics. Its goal is to provide de Group with the best available numerical methods and tools for treating challenges appearing in design, production and maintenance phases of its product

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