NewFrac in the European Researchers Night 2021 - SEVILLE (Spain)

NewFrac esr6 position reopens

NewFrac ESRs participates in the European Researchers Night 2021 in Seville 24/09/2021


 Noche Investigadores 2021 Bio FB 01


FUNDACIÓN CAJASOL(Plaza de San Francisco, 1)

(Room 3) Espacio Marie Curie

“Do you want to know when things break? - Can we predict it?”

"¿Quieres saber cuándo se rompen las cosas? ¿Podemos¿Quieres saber cuándo se rompen las cosas? ¿Podemospredecirlo?"


Show the public, with simple in situ experiments and videos that show, in a striking way, why it is important to know the materials and how they break down. The researchers of the project will be the face of the activity and will convey the aim of the project in a simple and straightforward way.


Through a stand at the European Researchers' Night, we aim to make known and explain in a simple and direct way what our research project NewFrac, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions ITN, is about. Fracture prediction of materials is the main theme of the project and the basis of our proposal.
The participation in the European Researchers' Night is one of the activities included in our project, being the first proposal that we are preparing as NewFrac. The idea is to improve and adapt it to present in subsequent events and destinations until the end of the project, always with the participation of the students and including the progress and objectives that are met.

Based on "breaking things", the main idea of our proposal is to create a small route inside the stand that contains the different activities in an orderly and safe way for the public. It is also proposed to have different scenarios according to the age of the visitors, in order to facilitate the level of conversation of the presenters and participants.


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