WCCM Minisymposium by Dominique Leguillon, Vladislav Mantic and Zohar Yosibash

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Professors Dominique Leguillon, Vladislav Mantič and Zohar Yosibash, in view of their international reputation in the field of computational mechanics, have been invited to organize a minisymposium at the 15th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XV) and the 8th Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM VIII) 

Three of NewFrac Project Scientifics will organize the following minisymposium at the WCCM-APCOM Congress from July 31 to August 5, 2022 at Yokohama, Japan.


Organizers: Dominique Leguillon, Vladislav Mantič and Zohar Yosibash

Key Words: 3D Fracture Mechanics, Singularities, Failure Initiation

Realistic cracks and V-notches are three dimensional, thus asymptotic representation of the solution to linear elasticity in the vicinity of a V-notch/crack edge in a three-dimensional (3D) domain, and predict fracture initiation along these edges or cracks in brittle materials. are of major engineering importance.

This minisymposium concentrates on computational methods for realistic 3D singularities and their verification and validation. Especially applications to real world engineering for prediction of load to failure and failure initiation angle in 3D brittle structures with V-notches and cracks are of special interest.

In accordance with the tradition of joint WCCM/APCOM events, the conferences will be open to the latest developments in all aspects of computational mechanics and computational engineering. 

The local organizing committee believes that face-to-face conference at the venue is the best way to know/communicate each other and to expand future personal connections over the world, especially for young researchers.

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