Prize for the best paper by a non-doctor for Sara Jimenez ESR-2


Prize for the best paper presented by a non-doctor during the 5th Iberian Conference on Fracture Mechanics

We are very happy to announce that on 31/03 Sara Jimenez (ESR-2 of NewFrac) received the prize for the best paper presented by a non-doctor during the 5th Iberian conference on fracture mechanics, awarded by the Spanish Fracture Group, for her work entitled “Toughening mechanisms in platelet reinforced glass. Numerical implementation of the Coupled Criterion: match asymptotic approach”.

Sara´s testimony:

It has been a pride and one of the happiest moments of my career. I would like to thank the organisation of the congress and the award, for making it possible for students like me to live this experience and to meet each other. I would also like to thank my supervisor Dr. Dominique Leguillon for all that I learn from him every day, and to Prof. Vladislav Mantic, for his constant support. Last but not least I want to dedicate this award to my family and friends, since, as I always say, the prize is more theirs than mine, for all the love I receive every day. 
Finally, I would like to take advantage of the visibility of this message, to mention all those people who are being affected by the war all over the world. It is not about political sides, it is about human lives, about professional colleagues, about families.... whose lives have been brought to a halt. Martin Luther King said that " What is worrying is not the wickedness of the wicked but the indifference of the good". If together we have flown higher than the sky, I cannot believe that together we cannot live in harmony.


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